The Write Meaning Logo

I was recently asked to design a logo for The owner of the site, a writer and artist herself, had a specific vision of her logo - a pen with a pom-pom attached. What a fun idea! How could I pass that up?

Step 1: Sketching logo ideas

I admit these are pretty ugly but I’m not really looking at perfection when I sketch, just a way to get all the ideas out of my head and down on paper so I can start working with them and discarding the ones that don’t quite work. Even though the client already had an idea of what she wanted, I allowed the sketching time to include anything that popped into my head as a way of clearing my head so I could move on.


Step 2: The Pom-Pom

There were some interesting options from my sketch sessions, but I had started to wonder (worry) how I was going to create pom-pom. I started working on concepts in Illustrator. Admittedly, some of the balls were a bit too futsy and complex for a logo, but that’s great because now I knew what I needed.


Step 3: The Font & First Drafts

The next step was to begin working with fonts and some of the sketched ideas I'd created earlier. With the pom-pom pen in the mix, I felt like the font needed to be a little playful and the positioning of the pen became an issue as well.



Step 4: Refinements

The client really liked the idea of placing the pom-pom so that it became the dot of the “i” in write. With that in mind, I started playing with the fonts and pen, looking for balance and composition.


Step 5: Adding Color

Once we settled on a final format, I presented the logo in color with different pom-pom options.


The Final Result

Here's the final two-color logo. The font has a slightly wobbly texture to give it a more hand-drawn feel and we used the the fluffier version of the pom-pom.


My Favorite Part

I love the final result! It's so playful and fun and fits right into the personality of the website. In everything I work on, I can point to one part of the project as my favorite part. In this particular design, it's the ink stain under the pen tip. I can't tell you why, it just brings me irrational joy. And I'm all about finding the irrational joy in things.

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